Creative Collective

Japan based effort, utilizing traditional and emerging image creation tools, production preview.
Styles range from classical through futuristic aesthetics with unique characters, stories and scenes.
This space built to serve as both proof-of-capability and call-to-action for collaboration partners.


She's an art school graduate, formally trained, focused on modernistic style themes.


Early retired salary-man, now attending to the family farm, dedicated to classic designs.


Young IT Engineer by day, he's an AI Geek creating futuristic anime-style story concepts.


immersive art

I'm loving the power of digital tools to help create design concepts. For example, based the historic approach of galleries of centuries past; my current work's focused on combining traditional flow with interactive web3 portals - and ideally IRL - where visitors can become an interactive part of the art.


onsen retreat

I was completely amazed to discover, and begin experimenting with, emerging image generation systems. While my early attempts created some acceptable results for traditional style graphic prints, current tools are even more impressive. This winter, far away in the hills, is focused on producing more magical works.. :)


time machines

Since summer of 2021 the latent diffusion space has expanded at several orders of magnitude, wild ride. Clearly the coming years will chart continued, significant, growth in all directions; the quality of content is always core but increasingly the narrative and distribution will become key component. Exciting times!

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